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Thursday, November 14, 2013

90 Days to MCSA - week 6

Well here we are in "week 6" and the time has been flying...being so busy with fully renovating a house (dedicateddiy.blogspot.com) I have neglected my 90 Days To MCSA prep, but no more!
Tonight I will be asking about certifications at the New England SQL Server Users Group meetup and see who has some advice for me, and then I think I need to just book the first test to jolt myself into action.

Checking out the dates and locations near me on Prometrics site I see there are plenty of test dates right nearby, so I have no excuse there. Has anyone else stalled out, or are you all charging ahead ? How is it going ? A walk across the MIT campus is always inspiring, I'll make sure to do that again after the meetup.

From last month: