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Monday, October 22, 2012

SQL Server Wait_Type full description table

In preparing for another post to continue identifying blocking within your database, I found I did not have a full description for each wait_type, so I took the data from MSDN and created a table that holds all the full descriptions of each wait type, original data here. This was taken from SQL Server 2012 material, your mileage may vary in other versions.

Here is the table I used, very simple:

CREATE TABLE dbo.Wait_Type_Description
Wait_type VARCHAR(50) NOT NULL,
Wait_Type_desc VARCHAR(8000) NOT NULL

and I am joining it like this, again super simple example:

FROM sys.dm_exec_requests der
JOIN dbo.wait_Type_description wtd
ON der.wait_type wtd.wait_type

All 345 INSERT statements can be found here, sorry this is obnoxious to look at you may download the script or cut and paste it below.